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Humber Bay West Dog Park

December 19, 2020
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Dogs love their freedom. They need safe areas where they can roam free, socialize with other dogs, and release all their pent-up energy. The perfect place for all this to happen is at an off-leash dog park, specifically the Humber Bay West Dog Park.

While walking your dog is a great activity, both for you and your furry friend, sometimes they need a bit of freedom, away from the leash. While you could let your dog go off-leash out in the wilderness, there are plenty of dangers they may face, chief among them being aggressive wildlife.

When you live in a major city, it can be hard to find a suitable dog park. However, right on the edge of Toronto lies a wonderful, picturesque dog park. The Humber Bay West Dog Park is a real gem and if you haven’t discovered it yet, you’ll be in for a real treat.


The Humber Bay West Dog Park is located in Humber Bay Park. The park itself is divided into two areas, East and West, and the dog park is in the latter area. Humber Bay Park is right on the shores of Lake Ontario. It is in the Etobicoke area and just 10 minutes from downtown Toronto.

To get to the Humber Bay West Dog Park from downtown Toronto, you can drive along the Gardiner Expressway. Get off at Lakeshore Boulevard, and in just a minute you’ll be at the park.

If you’re travelling by bike from downtown Toronto, there’s a great bike path that skirts the edge of the lake. When you travel over the iconic Humber Bay Arch Bridge, you’ll know you’re almost at the dog park.


Humber Bay West Dog Park has nice amenities to make it even easier to have fun with your pup. There is ample parking available. As you drive through Humber Bay Park West, follow the signs to the dog park. There is a parking lot about 300 meters from the dog park area. There is a nice, flat path that will lead you there.

Close to the parking lot you will find washrooms, making this a very convenient spot, especially for humans.

Seasons to Visit

Dogs like exercise year-round so you will want to visit Humber Bay West Dog Park multiple times a year. However, the weather varies considerably in Toronto. Here is what to expect in each season.


Until May, parking is free at Humber Bay Park. Take advantage of this by getting out and enjoying the crisp spring air.

Birds are in abundance at Humber Bay Park in the spring. While you’re standing around the park and your dog is off on his own adventures, be sure to take in the sounds and sights of birds. Check out the local trails and see what other animals you can see.


From July to September, Humber Bay hosts its very own farmer’s market. It’s held right at the entrance of Humber Bay Park East on Saturday mornings. Take Fido for a well-deserved run and then head to the market for all your artisanal needs. Chances are there will be some local-made dog treats, too.

While summertime is the best time to get outside, there are a few issues to be aware of. Parking can be a bit scarce so try to get to the dog park either early in the morning or later at night. The good news is that the sun sets a lot later so there are plenty of hours in the day to get to the park.

The other issues to remember is that Toronto can get pretty hot in the summer. Pack water for both you and your dog. Try to bring a hat and sunscreen, as well.


Starting in September, parking is free in Humber Park West. This means you can take Fido to the park for as long as possible and not worry about it costing anything.

In September and October, you can spend a bit of time at the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat. While you will need to leash your dog to walk over to the habitat, it’s a chance to really explore the whole park. Monarch butterflies start their migration south at this time so you’ll be able to see many butterflies as they start their journey.

Another fun fall activity is watching the salmon start to spawn as they swim up Mimico Creek. Again, your pup will need to be leashed but they may enjoy the spectacle of these flashy fish swimming in the water.


Winter is a time when your dog will really be itching to get outside. You may have lessened the frequency of walks due to the cold but your pup still needs to be active. You can bundle up and let they run around.

Thankfully, there are plenty of coffeeshops in the nearby area to keep you warm. Mimico Bagel and Coffee, and Birds & Bean Coffee are two cafes just minutes before the park.

Parking is free all winter long so you don’t have to feel guilty about spending money on a cup of coffee.

Benefits of Living Near Humber Bay Park

While the Humber Bay West Dog Park is fairly accessible, it’s even better if you live right next to it. There are modern condominiums available right in the area. It used to be perceived that dogs and condos don’t mix. However, if you live next to a gorgeous venue like the Humber Bay West Dog Park, then it makes it so much easier to go on daily walks to the off-leash park.

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